JMG MLS ACADEMY partnership would it be beneficial for a North.American  Soccer team

According to the magazine DZFOOT specialist of Algerian soccer

The Grinta player agency, which represents most of the Paradou players, has published a video that dissects the
tactical aspects of the game practiced by the Paradou players. If the Paradou AC is now third at only one point of the JS Kabylie in the ALGERIAN D1 soccer league, it is most obviously due to the fact that mostly all their actual players where trained by JMG ACADEMY. JMG FOOTBALL academy ended their partnership in 2017 with Paradou AC of Algeria.

This video demonstrates how Paradou systematically seeks to play in depth to destabilize the opponent team and the different movements of the players to be constantly available.

Zakaria Naidji from jmg paradou soccer academy mls partner

Zakaria Naidji top scorer of ALgerian D1

We could see it against CS Constantine, the team played in 4-4-2 with two strikers (Naidji and Benayad) eccentric and who devour the spaces, a quartet in the middle where everyone works (Boudaoui and Zorgane supported by Tahri and
Hamoudi) and the sides that where up and down the lines.

The Paradou who has been slow to apply and understand the idea and philosophy behind the training methodology of Jean-Marc Guillou former French WORLD CUP International and founder of JMG ACADEMIES. But as we say it is better late than never

According to Jean Marc Guillou it is necessary that a maximum of players coming from the team academy rise together in team A to be able to fully express themselves. The PARADOU AC seems to have understood the lesson since in the last two games against the MCO and the CSC, the Paradou with players averaging 22 years old has evolved with 9 players from his academy. These where also the most exciting matches of the season.

jean-marc-guillou-du-jmg academie paradou

The club that had counted previously on a number of thirties years old players to ensure their rise thinking of Smail Chaoui, or Faycal Kherifi has mainly sold or loaned in recent seasons many players from the academy who make the happiness of other teams of Ligue 1. At this moment the market value of the players trained by JMG ACADEMIES from PARADOU AC is around 20 Million Euros

So finally JMG MLS ACADEMY partnership, would be beneficial in so many ways with an MLS SOCCER Team. Yes it is a process between 7 to 10 years, but at the end it is a win win situation.

  • Great technical and skill full players
  • Spectacular soccer for the local fans
  • Mostly North American players on the team
  • Less need of Expensive European players
  • Supplying players to the Youth National Team and Men National Team
  • Over shore players transfers would double and even triple the return of the investment in the teams academy

List of all players formed by JMG ACADEMY while their partnership with PARADOU AC. Each player are linked to their Transfermark stats and actual transfer value

Starting line up at their last game : (A = issue from JMG Academy)

Moussaoui 27 ans
Loucif 22 ans (A)
Bouabta 27 ans
Douar 21 ans (A)
Mouali 21 ans (A)
Hamoudi 24 ans (A)
Tahri 20 ans (A)
Boudaoui 19 ans (A)
Zorgane 18 ans (A)
Benayad 22 ans (A)

Substitute that entered in the game :
Messibah 23 ans (A)
Cheraitia 22 ans (A)
Bouguerra 22 ans (A)

JMG formed Players out on Loan in Algerian D1 :
Benguit 22 ans (USMA)
Benkhelifa 24 ans (JSK)
Benyoucef 22 ans (JSK)
Arous 22 ans (MCA)
Gagaa 25 ans (CSC)

JMG formed Players Transfered in Algerian D1 :
El Mouden, 25 ans (MCO)
Mansouri, 23 ans (MCO)
Droueche, 23 ans (CABBA)
Melikchi, 22 ans (CABBA)
Ibouzidene, 25 ans (ASAM)
Daouadji, 23 ans (JSMB)

JMG formed Players Transfered out of Algeria :
Atal, 22 ans (Nice)
Bensebaini 23 ans (Rennes)
El Melali, 21 ans (Angers)
Meziani, 22 ans (ES Tunis)

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