Stade Rennais Hamary Traoré formed at JMG Académy in Mali

Hamary Traore academie jmg vs Ambroise Oyongo impact de montreal

Hamari Traoré playing for Stade Rennais wich are ranked 7th in the LIGUE 1 championship of France, participated inthe 4 games of his team in the Champion League battle.

He played an impressive full 360 ​​minutes in the 4 games involving his team. 

The 28-year-old academician JMG from Bamako in Mali who plays as a defender, with his teammates, received so far a yellow card.

Him in his teammates have a goal differential of -5 and Stade Rennais ranks 3rd in their pool with 3 losses and 1 draw in 4 parts.


Some news before Christmas of the JMG academicians actually involved in the Champion League 2020-2021 championship. There are currently 5 players participating with their respective teams in this championship race. These teams are dispersed in 4 different championships, namely those of France, Germany, Italy and Austria.


There are 2 academicians from JMG PLAYING in the Bundesliga championship of Germany , namely Ramy Bensebaini from the JMG academy of Paradou in Algeria and Amadou Haidara who was formed at JMG academy at Bamako in Mali. Also from Bamakoi performing in the LIGUE 1 championship in France there is Hamari Traoré. And n from the Italian championship Sofian Kiyine from the Lierse academy in Belgium and another academician from Mali performing in the Austrian championship Mohamed Camara.

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