Moussa Doumbia JMG

Moussa Doumbia JMG academician profesionnal player

Moussa Doumbia is a Malian professional soccer player, formed at JMG Soccer Academy in Mali with the AS Real Bamako who is a member of Mali national team. He plays as an attacking midfielder or left winger. After leaving Real Bamako he signed on 16 June 2014, a four-year contract with FC Rostov of the Russian...

Jmg football management Makan Sambali from Jmg academy Mali

Samabaly Makan JMG academician profesionnal player

Samabaly Makan dit MAKAN Samabaly Makan was born 06/11/1995, Height : 180 cm, he spent few years in formation at JMG Academy in Bamako Mali. He arrived as a teenager and  played with Real Bamako in the Malian D1 championship and was their Captain . He his right foot but has...

Gbakle Bi Dieudonné institut JMG academy

Gbakle Dieudonné JMG academician profesionnal player

Gbakle Bi Dieudonné dit GBAKLE (born 20 December 1995)  Is an Ivorian born-Malian and the Mali national team. In August 2015. Gbakle Dieudonné signed his first professionnal contract  with Lille B team in France . He was formed at jmg soccer academy at Bamako Mali Click here for more news...

Mohamed Camada Institut JMG management Red Bull Salzbourg

Camara Mohamed JMG academician profesionnal player

Camara Mohamed Mohamed Camara (born 6 January 2000) is a Malian professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder . He was formed by JMG Soccer Academy at Bamako Mali . He signed his first professionnal contract in Austria with FC Red Bull Salzburg and its farm-club Liefering. Share This:

Aboubacar Camara

Aboubacar Camara from JMG Academy at Real Bamako

  Aboubacar Camara is a lateral left-handed striker from our JMG football academy at Bamako in Mali. Aboubacar Camara, is generous in covering on all the left side of the field which is his favorite space. He is capable of eliminating in 1×1 situations and has good passing skills and...

Nguyen Tuan Anh

Nguyen Tuan Ahn formed by JMG Soccer Academy in Vietnam

  Nguyen Tuan Anh is a defensive midfielder and  Midway player, he is a fine player who regulates the game of his team. Nguyen Tuan Anh   is an essential element of the defensive and offensive game on the teams in which he plays, including with the Vietnamese National Team...

Aboubacar Doumbia jmg managent soccer academies

Aboubacar Doumbia JMG academician professional player

Aboubacar Doumbia was born 04/19/1995, he spent 4 years in formation at JMG Academy in Bamako Mali. He arrived on September 2010 and start playing with Real Bamako in the Malian D1 championship on January 2014. He his  right foot whit a good left foot and his natural position is Right back...

Djousse Kodjo mali institut jmg management

Dousse Kodjo JMG academician profesionnal player

Dousse Kodjo dit DOUSSE Dousse Kodjo was born 06/24/1996,  he spent 5 years in formation at JMG Academy in Bamako Mali. He arrived on September 2010 and start playing with Real Bamako in the Malian D1 championship on July 2015. He his right foot with a very good left foot ...