Former JMG Academician Zakaria Naidji is top scorer

Author of 16 goals in 21 league games, the 24 years of age Zakaria Naidji is top scorer, currently top scorer in the championship is the first full striker formed by the Paradou JMG Academy.

The CAP, whose academy are celebrating their 12th birthday this year. The 8 years they where associated partners with JMG ACADEMY, they offered Algerian football a defender (Bensebaini), laterals (Benguit, Atal, Loucif), recuperators (Boudaoui, Benkhelifa) but also offensive midfielders (El Mouden, El Mellali, Mansousri, Zorgane etc.).

Naidji is the missing link for this team known for  their high level technical quality players. But they where lacking a finisher and it is no coincidence that the Paradou is now on the podium. One of the main reason why Zakaria Naidji is top scorer is probably because he is an author of five doubled this season, the balls end up more often in the nets.

Zakaria Naidji is top scorer from jmg soccer academy

Zakaria Naidji is top scorer from jmg soccer academy

So this season, when he just celebrated his 24th birthday a few days ago, the spotlight is on him, it is hard to find real goal scorers in Algeria.

This native of Bordj Bou Arreridj who measures 1m78 is a complete striker or almost, even if he is almost exclusively right-foot.  Devourer of spaces, he also knows how to put weight on the defenses in the box  and is able to score with his head.  But also with his skills and technique he can make his teammates play.

Author of 11 goals for his first professional season in League 2 in 2016/2017, he scored 12 goals in 24 games last season for his first League 1.

Zakaria Naidji is top scorer with 16 goals (17 if we add the game cup against USMH), in 21 games, he is on a pace of 0.76 goals / match. According to our statistics since 2000/2001, no striker had scored so many goals so early in the season in the league.

Naidji who remains on two doubles against the JSK and the MCO is on a pace of 23 goals for this year in the league.  This would place him just behind the records of Nasser Bouiche (36 goals), Rabah Gamouh (24 goals) and tied with Tarek Hadj Adlene (23 goals).

The Paradou AC has played yesterday on the road their most successful game of the season against MC Oran. The end of the season looks promising, especially as the club is still competing in the Algerian Cup.

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