• Youcef Attal convocation NAtional TEam Algeria JMG Academy
    Youcef Attal convocation NAtional TEam Algeria JMG Academy

Youcef Attal was the big surprise on the list of Lucas Alcaraz for the next course of the EN. While he has evolved this season in Ligue 2 Mobilis, the player in question was noticed by the national coach. Born May 17, 1996, this striker played this season as leftback with the PAC. The player, who had a Try Out this summer with Real Betis, could try a professional season adventure next year

First, congratulations on your selection. You must be happy?
Of course I am very happy to have been invited. Playing with National Team is the dream of all players. It has been my dream since I started playing football. Now, it’s up to me to work very hard in training, in order to benefit from the confidence of the technical staff and to earn my place with GOD’s help.

In all sincerity, did you expect that convocation?
Sincerely, I did not expect this convocation. I expected to be convened in EN under 23. But the Spanish technician has retained my name and decided to summon me for the Try Out of the NT. This is very motivating for me and this will push me to work very hard in training in order to be up to the task and make me a place in theNational Team.

What is your favorite position, since your name has been checked among the defenders?
I’m an striker, but I play defensive games too. This season, I was used as right and left back with my team. But I like to occupy the whole side.

The PAC, your team, has finished the season since a while now, are you physically ready, before joining the NT Training?
After the end of the championship, I did not stop training. I only got three days off, before going to Spain to test with Real Betis. On my return to the country, I benefited from a specific work program and continued the training. This means that I am physically ready, before starting this stage with the selection.

How was it for you during your trial period with Real Betis?
As everyone knows, I have tested with Real Betis. I stayed for twelve days in Spain. Things went well for me and I can even tell you that the tests at Real Betis were conclusive.

What is left for you to do now?
The decison is now in the head office camp. I hope to succeed in a professional adventure in Spain. It will help me a lot in my career. I also hope that this convocation in selection will be the starting point in my career help me god.


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