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Despite the apparent immobility on the transfer market there are rumors about Sofian Kiyine transfer. It seems that Napoli moves under track to build what will be tomorrow’s team. The possible loss of the Brazilian ALAN would be a bad blow, for Napoli having to replace an unmovable. Also with Agustin Almendra on the injury list for an undetemined time, it may accelerate  the arrival of new players for Napoli in Seria A .

It was mentionned that Sofian Kiyine interests Napoli sports director Cristiano Giuntoli. He is a young Chievo Verona’s midfielder showing skills and technical abilities on the field especially since Domenico Di Carlo is the head coach. The new Chievo manager has turned him into one of his trusted players in Serie A. Playing in the heart of the field, Kiyine manages to match quality and quantity in both phases of the game.

kiyine-serie A naples-jmg soccer academies

kiyine-serie A naples-jmg soccer academies

With Sofian Kiyine transfer, the solution seems ideal for both parties involved

The player could be involve by a move from Napoli on the transfer market  and then loaned to Chievo. He could then play the entire season as a holder and then join his new team mates next July. With Sofian Kiyine transfer, the solution seems ideal for both parties involved. First,  for the Veronese that would not be deprived of an essential player in the already difficult comeback salvation. Second, Napoli will be able to calmly evaluate the growth of the boy in an environment free of pressure .

Born in 1997 he started in young age his formation with JMG Soccer Academy

The operation would be based on a 4 to 5 million euros transfer fee. An absolute affordable figure that Naples might decided to invest in what could soon become something more than just a simple prospect. Kiyine possesses important physical and athletic qualities. He is a natural right but prefers to move on the left center of the field. Born in 1997 in Verviers, Belgium, from a Moroccan father and an Italian father. At young age he started his formation with JMG Soccer Academy in Lierse. He was transfered in 2013 from JMG Lier to Standard U19 team wich he played for 2 years. And then transferred from the youth of Standard Liège, to Chievo U19 in July 2015.

After debuting in Serie A, Chievo send him for a year to Salernitana.  Kiyine demonstrated that he was one of the best young talented player. It takes him very little time to win a starting spot on the team. In avery short time he became one of the strenght of the team coached by Stefano Colantuoso. The year of apprenticeship turned out to be a particularly productive year, so much that Chievo in the summer invited him to the main team.  At that time the team was coached then by Mr. D’Anna, with whom, however, Kiyine never linked.

His chances of taking an important space on the field increased with the arrival of the new manager Di Carlo. Kiyine, has the means to convince Ancelotti to focus on him, and accelarate his arrival with Napoli in Seria A .

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