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It is now official. Raouf Benguit will continue the adventure with the Red and Black. He signed yesterday a new contract of one year in the form of loan of his formation club, the Paradou AC.
For his first season in Ligue 1 Mobilis, Raouf Benguit has shone great potential and the least one can say, it was one of the great revelations of the season. Despite his young age and despite the stiff competition that exists in his position, he succeeded in establishing himself as an indisputable starter for Paul Put Team. A good season that motivated the club president Rebouh Haddad to do everything possible to extend his loan period for at least another season.


As expected, and after reaching an agreement with the president of Paradou AC, Zetchi, and Benguit, Haddad succeeded in keeping his young nugget among the staff that will represent the USMA in the next exercise since the player signed yesterday a new contract of one year in the form of a loan of the PAC. It must be said that this news will only delight the supporters of USMA who appreciate much the young player of Laghouat given his great weight on the team.
Some advised him to stay in Algeria
Raouf Benguit almost left Algeria this summer while going to try a new experience abroad after having had touches with some foreign clubs, quoting among others Montpellier. But according to the information we have, some have advised the international midfielder to stay for another season in the country at a young age. In other words, another year at the USMA will undoubtedly allow him to gain maturity and experience before going to cash his talent abroad. By deciding to stay in Algeria for another season, Raouf Benguit will have made a wise decision and is able to do much better considering the enormous potential he enjoys.
Glad to continue the adventure”
Currently in training with the national selection A ‘, Raouf Benguit, whom we contacted, is happy to continue the adventure with the USMA for another year. He is determined to make a better season than the previous one and thus be at the level of all expectations. “I signed this morning (yesterday, note) a new contract with the USMA for a year in the form of a loan. I am finally set on my future, I am relieved. Frankly, I’m glad to continue the adventure with this club because its a great sport challenge that will allow me to progress but also gain experience. I hope that next season will be better than the last. For my part, I will do my best to always be up to the challenge and contribute to the success of my team. I also want to be on the level of expectations of all the fans who expect a lot from me next season, “he said.

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