Mercato: the futur of the striker Zakaria Naidji with Gil Vicente FC has ended

A_Naidji de jmg paradou quitte Gil VicenteLoaned by paradou FC for a season at Gil Vicente FC in Portugal, the 25-year-old international striker Zakaria Naidji will be release on the 30th of june date on witch his contract ends.. It is not a secret, the top scorer in the 2019 Algerian championship failed to show the hopes that were placed in him.

In 17 games he scored 1 goal and two assists in Portugal Primeira Liga. Hi did not convinced head coach Vitor Oliveira that he could be part of the rooster game after game . According to this situation, it seems that several clubs in the north of Africa have shown interest for the former JMG academician, notably the two Algerian clubs USMA and MCA Algiers but also 1 French Club from Ligue 2. 

Only 5 times on the starting line up this season with his team, it would be difficult for Gil Vicente FC to raise the option to buy the Algerian striker, who completely missed to demonstrate what was expected from him. Statisticly he made at least a good ration in 5 presence this year with 1 goal and two assists as a winger in a 4-3-3 system.

We have to also remember that he contracted some injuries upon his arrival in Portugal. The Algerian former Paradou player is currently crossing the desert, and according to several Maghreb media sources, he could make a return to the continent precisely. Between Algeria and Tunisia area in which he is highly considered.

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