• Khallil nyon diaporama JMG ACADEMY

Hello Khallil, as a real globe-trotter you landed in Switzerland in the middle of the season, how did you arrive to this club? Can you also list the countries in which you played?

Hello, yes it is true that I have moved a lot, since the beginning of my career and often it was independent of my will.
At the beginning of the season I was in Macedonia this and it was so bad, at the beginning of December my brother Lambin Ismael (who is also my adviser) talks to me about a possibility to go play in Switzerland at Friborg.
I had a very good feeling on the phone with the coach and it was done naturally.

What attracted you to this choice?

What attracted me, the opportunity to return to Western Europe and also there was a sporting challenge to be met. Friborg was relegated, so the mission was to save the club. I like the challenges so I immediately I said yes.

After this season’s has best scorer of your championship? What were the proposals?
Sure enough, the season was beautiful for me thank goodness. In 12 games, I put 10 goals in the championship.
We have had proposals from all over Switzerland and England.

Why did you choose to stay in Switzerland and sign in Nyon?
With my brother, we decided of a way to go for 1 year now. I had moved a lot before, so we chose stability and continuity by going up a division in Switzerland.Nyon is a very good club with very good infrastructure, it is the ideal place to continue my progression ..

You signed for two years and what about after?
Yes, I signed for 2 years. For the moment, I am concentrating on Nyon. I will try to do my job well and then what will happen will happen.

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