Often good or very good since his arrival at Olympique Lyonnais, the Belgian international Jason Denayer of OL was expected to be a major player in Tuesday night event against Barça. Well the former Manchester City player has delivered an XXL performance. Facing the offensive and powerfull armada of Barca, Jason Denayer was monstrous and imperial.

jmg management Denayer-opponents hit a wall in champion league game

jmg management Denayer-opponents hit a wall in champion league game


He reigned supreme in the defense of Lyon and was especially reassuring by increasing interceptions and decisive interventions while FC Barcelona pushed to find the flaw. Like his partners Léo Dubois or Anthony Lopes, the Belgian played a very good match. Olympique Lyonnais fans even elected him man of the match with 44% of the vote.


As usual, the central defender did not want to pull the cover on him. “It was a team performance, everyone did their job well. It is true that I felt comfortable in this game. But it’s the whole team that did its job well.” But especially him who had to handle the assaults of the Catalans including a certain Lionel Messi. A mission he accomplished handily. “The most important thing was to close the spaces and defend all together because we know that it easily eliminates players.” It will be necessary to carry out the same match in three weeks in a Camp Nou which will be boiling!


Jason Denayer of OL: 7.5 The notes of the OL: Denayer firefighter man.

His sense of anticipation and cover was terribly valuable (14th, 26th, 46th) and his ability to interfere at the right moment and help Lopes protecting his cage (34th, 44th, 45 + 1c). If Suarez had so much trouble at first, it’s also because Denayer was tactically dominant. In short: He was the defensive brain of Lyon’s formation.


Jason Denayer of OL has delivered a real Champions League game. The 23-year-old defender plugged the breaches and removed countless dangerous balls. Foot, head or hip. Faced with the genius of a player such as Messi, Suarez’s vice or the hooks of Dembélé, the Belgian international has never given in, despite the repeated assaults of his opponents. Already very prominent against PSG in Ligue 1, he confirms his potential at the highest level.

jmg management Denayer-face-a-Suarez jmg football

jmg management Denayer-face-a-Suarez jmg football


OL-Barça’s notes: Denayer is colossus (7.5)

Heavily dominated by Barça on Tuesday night at Groupama Stadium, OL have held and tied (0-0), thanks to goalkeeper Anthony Lopes and central defenseman Jason Denayer. Grouped in their camp, the Lyonnais suffered a lot but the central line, well helped by the side, including Léo Dubois in the second half, held up well. Denayer was imperial. He blocked a shot from Messi (14th), did not let Suarez shoot (22nd) and pushed dangerous centers at the end of the game (75th and 84th)


OL-Barcelona: Without complexes and with a Denayer as an ultimate rock, Olympique Lyonnais gives itself the right to dream

The OL was at the height of the event, Tuesday, With a tie (0-0) against big Barça, in the 8th final of the Champions League. Sometimes on a very very tin wire defensively, the Lyonnais relied in particular on their Belgian defender Jason Denayer, heroic to stop Lionel Messi and his team mates.
Ousmane Dembélé also very often rubbed Jason Denayer of OL. Long uncertain of playing due to to an injury, the Belgian defender was imperial throughout the game. Lionel Messi embarks on an irresistible coast to coast? He is there to interpose serenely (14th). Sergio Busquets fires a shot from 18 meters? He is also on the trajectory (45th + 1). Still huge to stop Ousmane Dembélé (47th) and Luis Suarez (56th), Jason Denayer is simply the man of the game.


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