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It’s been a while since ENTENTE’s defender Djamel Ibouzidene did not train with the group, and what’s intriguing is that no one knows why he is not training, until yesterday when information would have reached the club officials, implying that the player is injured and is about to undergo surgery. Everyone was surprised because no one knew that Ibuzidene was hurt, much less that he was going to surgery. The medical staff of the ESS is the first to ask questions, because the player had not complained of any injury that requires intervention, and before leaving, he trained has normally. In addition, it has been a long time since he had played, since the first phase where he made only a few brief appearances.

He announced on social networks that he will be operated
At a time when everyone is wondering about the reliability of this information, Ibouzidene has just confirmed on his official page on social networks where he indicates that he will actually undergo an operation, without giving details.
The player is in France
Meanwhile, according to club officials, the player does not give signs of life. He did not warn anyone that he was going to be absent or that he was going to be operated on. The latest news, the player would be in France, Paris.
Hammar is waiting for his return
A report was written on Ibouzidene’s case and handed over to President Hassan Hammar who was not aware of his player’s absences. He too was surprised, but he wondered why the player was not examined by the club’s medical staff and why he did not tell his officials about this operation. In any case, we must wait for his return to lift the veil on this story that intrigued more than one. Regarding the match against Real Bangui, it does not change anything to the extent that Ibouzidene is not qualified for this competition.

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