Stats of all players formed by Jmg Soccer Academies in the Netherland Championships.

You will find players completes stats since the beginning of their professional career including every teams league games, Europa League games, Champion League games, National Team games .  The stats includes how many games played per team ,  how many minutes played per game, was he substitue or on the starting line up, how many goals he scored , yellow and red cards,  Injuries and transfer histories

jmg soccer academician salomon Kalou et Drogba champion league Cup Winner

Kalou Salomon JMG academician profesionnal player

Kalou Salomon Armand also known as KALUNHO is an Ivorian former footballer playing as a striker and winger, he was formed by JMG first soccer academy in Abdijan Ivory Coast. He started Pro career with ASEC Mimosas and was transferred to Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He played 97 games...

Mehdi Lehaire JMG soccer academy

Mehdi Lehaire JMG academician profesionnal player

Mehdi Lehaire is a Belgium professional footballer who plays has a forward who was formed at JMG soccer Academy in Belgium. He started is pro career with  SK Lierse, 19 May 2017 in the Europa League play-off game against Standard Liège as a 57th-minute substitute for Othman Boussaid another JMG academician.  Click for more news...