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The midfielder, Zakaria Mansouri, is no longer a player of Mouloudia of Algiers and is back with his team, Paradou AC.

The management of the team finally released him after having him on a loan from Paradou. Zakaria Mansouri finds his former team where he will try to win and especially to win time after having spent a complicated first half of the season with the Mouloudia of Algiers. As everyone knows, since the arrival of Bernard Casoni at the head has technical sport director of Mouloudia Team, Zakaria Mansouri failed to convince and did not win his place. His average performance have not allowed him to win his position especially since the competition is tough this year in the midfield position. With the arrival of several recruits during the transfer window, the places became rare and Zakaria Mansouri did not have time to play. A situation that did not please him. It is certain that him too was looking for some more time and his return to Paradou could be a good thing for him. It will allow it to regain competitiveness. In any case, Bernard Casoni, made it clear that he did not need him anymore by not making him play for a long time. Thus, it was yesterday that the return of Mansouri to his former team was decided and that the end of his loan was made official. He will have the opportunity to revive and try to win his place while he lacks playing time. For his part, the team has a good squad and players capable of replacing him. The manager of the technical Green and Red Team  can also rely on young players in case of need, but for now, he does not feel the need especially that many elements are fighting to win their place in the middle ground. Without forgetting, of course, the strong return of El-Mouden which reassures Bernard Casoni as for the second part of the championship. Thus, Zakaria Mansouri finds his former club after having evolved a year at Mouloudia of Algiers without convincing too much.

«I have nothing against Mansouri»

As we have said, the midfielder Zakaria Mansouri was finally released. He will find his former club, Paradou. He failed to win on his team and under the command of Bernard Casoni. In fact, the coach from the region spoke about this decision: “There were choices of fact and that’s all. Mansouri was always present; he worked to be on the team, and then, as I said, there are choices. In any case, I have nothing to reproach him, quite the contrary. “The coach does not seem to worry because the workforce is pretty packed in the middle of the field.

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