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“I work tirelessly to be in good shape and when I’m in the lineup, I give myself without counting on the field to win.”

New Kabyle rookie Lyes Benyoucef says tomorrow’s match against NAHD is an important turn not to be missed if the JSK really wants to leave the bad place it is now. He said that the preparation for this match went as it should and that all players are very motivated to win. On a personal level, Benyoucef has revealed that he is ready and wants to participate in the victory.

The JSK remains on a qualification in the Algerian Cup, how was the preparation of the match of the championship of this Saturday against the NAHD?
I assure you that we have prepared this match with better psychological health. I do not hide the fact that the last qualification in the Algerian Cup has cheered us up, especially after the two bad consecutive results in the league against the USMB and the PAC. We are determined to return to victory this weekend and we will do everything to achieve it.

Your team has not won a game in the last three months in the league, do you not feel the pressure before this meeting?
I know it’s been a long time since the JSK has won a game in the league. This has a direct impact on the ranking. The current bad position means that we do not have the right to lose other points. We must react this Saturday against the NAHD and victory should not escape us.

You will receive the NAHD which travels well, what is your opinion on this match?
This is a very difficult match that awaits us facing the NAHD we know well. It will be a close meeting for both teams. For our part, I think we should not miss the opportunity to improve our ranking. The NAHD or another team, it is imperative to win.

The absence of the public because of the closed session may weigh heavily on you, is not it?
We regret very much the absence of our supporters who could have been of great help to us. In these difficult times, we need our public who is a source of motivation. It’s a pity that they are absent but we will do everything to win and we call on them not to demobilize. They must always stay with us until the last day.

.With a total of 18 points, the club is the first team relegated, a victory against the NAHD is mandatory …

We are aware of this mission. In addition to the NAHD we must not let them leave with a win, we will also have to refuel for the next games. We have twelve games left before the end of the season, I think our chances of staying intact are good. The continuation goes through a victory against the NAHD and I know that it is enough of a success at home this Saturday to free us and reconnect with the good results.

On a personal level, after missing the last two games (USMB, PAC), Saâdi appealed to you against the CRBDB. What is your feeling ?
Listen, I’m always ready to play, but the final decision is up to the coach. I have never discussed the choices of the coach, it is he who makes the decisions based on the game plan he prepares for each game. I work tirelessly to be always in shape and when I am aligned, I give myself without counting on the ground to win. For the last game, I think I have been good overall and I hope that the confidence will be renewed against the NAHD to confirm this.

The fans are worried about the future of the JSK, what do you have to tell them?

I fully understand the concern of the fans. It is true that the results and the place we occupy at the moment do not reassure them. I can assure you that we too are not happy but nothing is played yet. We must know that there are 36 points in play and that we have not grilled our cards. Just winning this match against NAHD and it will revive our course in the league. I think that our mission is not impossible and that with the solidarity between the players and the mobilization of our public, we will save the JSK. I ask them to trust us.

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Auteur : Lyès Aouiche

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