Anderlecht wanted to extend Francis Amuzu contract, there were two options for doing so.

Francis Amuzu contract ended at the end of the season, and Anderlecht had an option to extend his one-year lease. However, rather than lifting this option, the Brussels club preferred instead to extend its contract directly.

Imagining that the former Amuzu formed at  JMG Academy in Lierse refuses to extend next season after activating the option for another season, the winger could then leave … Free and free.

Francis-Amuzu-Anderlecht-JMG MANAGEMENT

Francis-Amuzu-Anderlecht-JMG MANAGEMENTA scenario that Anderlecht wanted to avoid, but such an extension of contract should be accompanied by a large financial bonus, the current dating from 2017 … before he joined the team A. Believer that this should not be a problem and that Francis Amuzu did not necessarily want to go elsewhere, the renewal of the contract was for them the best solution.

By cons since the arrival of Rutten, Amuzu plays much less

By cons  Amuzu who was in nomination for Anderlecht player of the month in december plays much less, since the arrival of Rutten. According on the player’s entourage, he is not satisfied. If nothing changes by the summer of 2020, Francis should pack his bags and leave.

His contract ended at the end of the season to expire in June of this year, but Anderlecht had an option to extend his one-year lease, without mutual agreement so as not to see him leave for free. So that is what they did.

“If they did not, it would have been crazy,” said some agents to Het Laatste Nieuws and they also specified that. “Their was various choice for new destinations,”.


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