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Hi Zizo, could you introduce yourself to our readers.
Of course, hello, my name is Ahmed Zizo Sayed, I’m Egyptian, I was born AL Minya, a city located 250 km south of Cairo, I will be 22 years old, on january 10th 2018, you know that , no?

Yes, that I know … Zizo is a nickname?
No, it’s not a nickname, it’s my father’s name, it’s the tradition in Egypt to take back the name of his father.

Tell us about your first steps with the ball, when did you start?
From very early. I played a lot on the street, in fact that’s what I did until I joined the Academy, except for a year when I played in club, Ahly, I was 10 and half years old, I heard that an academy was making a detection of players, at the stadium, so I went.

Oh yes, I remember that detection very well. It took place in April-May 2007, it was at least 40 degrees, in the afternoon, in the stadium of Minya, the tribunes were full of young people whom wanted to participate, a “malin” from the local team had you pass with the last team to see if I was going to faint or wait to see you, I left after seeing you … and a beautiful sunburn!
Ha ha ha, yes, I remember, you were all red when you left …

You train with your colleagues from the 1st Promotion of the JMG Academy in Cairo?
Yes, after having been selected at the final detection stage of August 2007, over 3 days, we were ten to form this Promotion, first in Cairo from October 1st 2007 until January 2011 and then to Sokhna until my 18 years and my departure to Lierse.

Younger, were you a fan of a team?
Yes, Real Madrid, always and until now.

How did you live these 7 years of training?
Oh ! you know, I remember a phrase that you often told us, that we did not always understand, “have fun, enjoy it, when you leave here, it will be to go” work “, you will make your passion a job “, believe me, I understand perfectly this sentence since the day I set foot in Europe, first in Belgium and now in Portugal.

Tell us a little about these 2 experiences.
I played 78 matches, cup and championship together, on my 3 years spent at Lierse, for 5 goals scored, I was then loaned to Nacional Madeira in January 2017 for 6 months and since I belong to Moreirenses with a contract of 3 years, for a total of about thirty matches in Portugal and up to today of 6 goals scored.
What are the differences between these 2 footballs?
I would say that Belgian football is more athletic, with bigger players but also heavier. Here it is more duels, more lively and more pressure, pressing.

Do you like it here?
Yes a lot. The place where I live is calm, the climate suits me, the people are very nice with me, really I feel very good here.

Zizo, a few weeks ago, I did the same interview with Karim HAFEZ, I asked him what particular memory he kept from his years at the JMG Academy in Cairo and then in Sokhna. Believe me, I know your answer …
Frankly, I usually keep great memories, a lot of work but always in a good atmosphere. Travel to Vietnam, Thailand to Qatar, confrontations with other academies, with my Egyptian brothers, it was really a beautiful time !!!

But if I had to keep one, it was the 4-on-4 tournaments we had every day of matches, on the sand in Sokhna where we spent the day playing and swimming in the sea.

I suspected it, Karim gave me the same memory. In parentheses, you are the player who scored the best goal. Do you remember ? You make a call on the left side, you get a long balloon, you make chest control in the middle of the race, the ball goes almost behind you, you pivot and you make a return acrobatic, the shot ends in the opposite window all this without the balloon touch the ground, the same as the one entered by Francescoli with River Plate in the Argentine Championship, a gem of purpose, improvisation and technique …
Yes, I remember it very well. He had to put it in front of 100,000 people, only me in front of the guys who were preparing the pizzas, hahahaha …

It’s not wrong … Anyway, thank you for your interview, I saw you play yesterday against Maritimo, you made a very good match, continue to work hard as you do and Moreirenses will be only one step and who knows you will join the team dressed in white of which you are fan …
Thank you, I invite you when you want to come see us play, I want to wish you a happy new year 2018, as your family and also to all readers … and a happy birthday as we celebrate like me our birthday the same day, January 10 ”

Interview from Mustapha Kharoubi

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