• meziani-le havre jmg algeria academy
    meziani-le havre jmg algeria academy

The former striker of Paradou AC is still waiting to have a chance with Le Havre. Arrived during the last transfer window, Tayeb Meziani, only participates in matches on the reserve and finds himself in CFA while he wanted to play in Domino’s Ligue 2. His trainer, Oswald Tanchot, does not count on him for the moment and prefers to wait again before promoting him with the first team. Tayeb Meziani, the League 2 top scorer last season, continues to be patient and wants to earn his place in Le Havre to launch his career in Europe.


How are thing going for you in France ?

On a sport view, I’m going through a difficult time, but otherwise all is well for the moment. I got used to my life in France, I must say that it’s been two months since I arrived. Now, I am waiting to be able to play with the first team because I am disappointed by my situation.

Exactly, so you are still playing with the reserve team ?

Yes, I play every game with the reserve and I try to give myself thoroughly to achieve good performance and especially helping my team getting good results. I have a good coach with whom I talk a lot, he gives me the chance to play and show what I can do.

You finished top scorer in the last season, how are you doing this season. ?

I am not used in point this year, I play as number 10. It is me who creates the plays and which gives opportunities to mark to my teammates. I’ve already scored some goals, but I’m behind the striker, so it gives me fewer chances.

Is it a position that suits you.?

Yes, I have already had the opportunity to play this position and I have already proven myself. I feel good as number 10 and also in attack. For me the most important thing is to continue the work and especially to try to impose myself.

You still have not had your chance with the first team …

As I said, I suffer a little during this period. I arrived late and every time I talk about it I am told to be patient because the team is already in place. So to get into the competition with the groupd it’s really difficult for me ..

During your last interview with us, you told us that the coach asked you to be patient, but for the moment, he has not yet called you, how is it?

It’s been two months that I am waiting but there is nothing for the moment. I’m still waiting and I’m not alone in this position, there are plenty of players who are in the same situation as me. In addition, there are some who have even done the preparation with the rest of the team and who still do not play. The only solution is patience and nothing else. The current coach does not make a lot of changes and only relies on the same players. So it’s really difficult to be summoned to the team, for the coach everything seems to be already drawn. The coach killed the competition.

Did you talk with your coach ?

Yes, I’ve already spoken to him, but every time he asks me to be patient. He reminds me every time that I arrived late and that I must wait and that I would have my chance. So it’s always the same thing, besides they have a difficult mentality, because as soon as I speak with them, I’m told: “Look, there are people older than you who are still waiting for their chance.”

After 2 months what are your projects now ?

For the moment, I am under contract with the club and I try to fight for my place, I do everything I can on the field. Now, if there has to be something, it’s up to my agent to come and talk to them so we can get to know the situation better and know exactly what they are thinking. In any case, this week, when my agent will talk to them, things will be clearer.

You had the chance to evolve in Europe but your situation is difficult, do you regret leaving the PAC too early?

As I told you before, my main mistake is that I arrived late. I arrived two months after the start of the season. You must know that a team that plays seven games, it is very difficult to win his place, already starting with the group is difficult to realise. In seven games, you can already have your team-type, know their replacements and do more things. So the coach can not rely directly on me, it does not happen. So we have to be patient.

We see that the attack of Le Havre is not really effective, the coach could think of you as a solution …

The problem is he did not change his team. It is true that there is a small problem of efficiency in front of the team, but he does not trust me yet

So What is your objective?

Pour le moment je suis au Havre et j’attends ma chance. S’il fait appel à moi ce serait bien mais sinon il faut que je sois patient. On ne peut pas savoir maintenant, il peut y avoir des changements si les résultats ne sont pas au rendez-vous. En tout cas, ça ne fait que deux mois que je suis ici et je n’ai rien perdu, bien au contraire j’ai appris beaucoup de choses. Peut-être que si j’étais resté en Algérie, je serais passé à côté lors de ces deux mois.

Do you still follow the Paradou ?

Yes of course, by the way I follow all the Algerian championship. It is true that this season is a little difficult for them. In any case, it is not the same level with the League 2. They met good teams like the ESS and the USMA we feel that there is more experience. So you have to understand that it’s a bit difficult for them.

If your situation does not change, do you think of a return to Algeria? ?

No, it’s not in my projects. I will not go back to Algeria. You must know that I did what I had to do at Paradou. I have been named twice top player and scorer, so I can not do anything more at PAC. I prefer to give other players the chance to win and succeed. You have to know that when you go to France, you need a lot of work and above all you have to work hard to succeed. For some, it could be easy but for others it’s difficult and you have to suffer to play. You must also know that Islam Slimani calls me all the time

And what does he tell you?

He calls me to tell me not to give up and not to return to Algeria and to continue the work in order to impose myself. He encourages me and he tells me that his experience was more difficult and he did not play for ten months. He also told me that two months was nothing compared to what he had experienced on his side. He also told me that I am young,  I only 21 and that he was sitting in his neighborhood at my age. He told me that I was still young and that I could not know what my coach thought of me. He asked me to continue the work and sacrifice myself.

Is the National and objective for you ?

If I came to France it is to evolve and I know that I am still young. I could be there in a year or two by continuing the work. But what is certain is that you have to focus on the job and when it’s time for the national team, it’s with honor that I will respond. When I see players like Soudani or Slimani, they left at the age of 25, so they arrived at the national team at an older age than me.

Does the présence of Ferhat helps you ?

He helps me in the side, where he talks with me, we laugh together. He knows too that it is difficult. Besides, he told me that the coach was furious with me because I arrived late in the group. Zinou knew that that’s how it would be for me, he knows the club well. Anyway, even in Algeria I had this kind of problem, where I stayed for a while on the bench, but I finally managed to impose myself at Paradou.

You have a one-year contract with Le Havre in loan form, how do you see the future ?

My agent is working on this subject. I am here as a loan but there are many clubs. Do not forget that I play with the reserve and the CFA is a championship where you can also be discovered. We can not know, it may be that clubs need an attacker and everything changes. But as I said, the most important thing is to continue the work.

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